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Gut Power Shot - Beet Ginger - BOOST - 6/2 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Beets are full of important phytonutrients and betalain pigments that is great for your gut and cardiovascular system that is a potent 1-2 combo for pre-workout nutrition. UPC: 892995002004
Gut Power Shot - Immuni-Root - BALANCE  - 6/2 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Full of adaptogenic roots like astragalus, ashwaganda and ginseng to act as a powerful energy shot and high-performance immune system booster. UPC: 892995002035
Gut Power Shot - Pure Greens - GOODNESS - 6/2 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - We pack greens like kale, chard, spinach, and dandelion (and all their amazing vitamin and phytonutrient content) into a powerful Greens shot. Pure Greens. Pure Performance. UPC: 892995002028
Gut Power Shot - Turmeric Ginger - RECOVER  - 6/2 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory dream come true, with turmeric having a long history in the Aryuvedic community of helping with chronic pain and inflammation. Two powers in one shot. UPC: 892995002011
PaleoChef - Ketchup - 12 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Been Ketchup-free for far too long? Take back the tailgate with our delicious PaleoChef Ketchup! UPC: 858201005207
PaleoChef - Maple Mustard - 12 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Sweet and tangy! Enjoy with all your Paleo favorites: great with meats and veggies alike! UPC: 858201005153
PaleoKrunch Bar - Dark ChocolateEspresso - 12/1.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - For an espresso fix or a dark chocolate treat, try our Dark Chocolate Espresso Bar! UPC: 858201005122
PaleoKrunch Bar - Original - 12/1.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Our Original PaleoKrunch Bar is a pantry staple. Clean and delicious itís perfectly portioned for on-the-go! UPC: 858201005115
PaleoKrunch Bar - Pumpkin - 12/1.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Make every season Pumpkin season with this delicious PaleoKrunch Bar. UPC: 858201005139
PaleoKrunch Bar - Tropical  - 12/1.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Whatís better than laying in a hammock, enjoying the warm ocean breeze? Enjoying our Tropical PaleoKrunch Bar when youíre in that hammock! UPC: 858201005108
PaleoKrunch Cereal - Apple Pie - 7.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Tastes just like Apple Pie, without the refined sugar and junk! UPC: 858201005030
PaleoKrunch Cereal - Cinnamon - 7.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Cinnamon makes everything more delicious - try this customer favorite! UPC: 858201005009
PaleoKrunch Cereal - Coconut & Seeds - 7.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Free of all tree nuts, this delicious blend contains seeds, coconut and a touch of honey. UPC: 858201005023
PaleoKrunch Cereal - Original  - 7.5 OZ
Steve's PaleoGoods - Perfect for breakfast...or ANY time! Youíll love our lightly-sweet, grain-free PaleoKrunch! UPC: 858201005016

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