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Beef 100% natural Sliders - 19.2 Oz
Our heat and serve Beef Patty Sliders offer a healthy and convenient alternative for busy families on the go. All of our products present the robust flavor of natural beef you expect from Pineland Farms Natural Meats. Your purchase of this product strengthens your relationship with the agricultural community, and demonstrates your support of sustainable agriculture.DuLTVDuThe flavors of home…fully cooked, just heat, serve and enjoy!DuLTVDuAll Natural Beef means:DuLTVDuNo antibiotics of any kindDuLTVDuNo added growth hormonesDuLTVDuNot fed animal by-productsDuLTVDuFed a strict vegetarian dietDuLTVDuRaised humanely on sustainable farmsDuLTVDuUPC: 92901950716
All Natural Beef Hot Dogs with Natural Casing UPC: 82901950931
These delicious 1/2 oz meatballs are fully oven cooked and frozen in convenient 14 oz packages. Fully cooked, just heat & serve! UPC: 07708340610

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