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Lavender Air Freshener - 4 OZ Spray
Absolute Greenís Lavender Air Freshener combines essential oils that neutralize and cover odors. Enjoy a refreshing breeze of fresh picked lavender. Relaxing and natural, this spray can be used to cover odors or help you chill out after a stressful day. Sometimes a light spritz of lavender is just whatís needed! Uses: Spray once or twice to enjoy an aroma therapeutic experience. We use only the purest essential oils and plant extracts to make this amazing air refresher. Keep a bottle in lavatories, autos, office, gym locker and on your nightstand. Benefits: Contains no phosphates, ammonia, butyl ethers, chlorine bleach, colorings or dyes. Biodegradable. Great for chemically sensitive people. 100% Vegan. Not tested on animals. UPC:80487928955

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