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Cardamom-Clove Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - This spiced syrup contains organic sugar, filtered water, organic whole cardamom pods, and organic cloves. Spicy notes of cardamom and clove warm the soul UPC: 79450499551
Ginger-Lime Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - Spicy ginger, tangy and tart lime juice and zest. Pairs well with vodka, rum, whiskey, and more. Makes a mean soda. UPC: 74825209486
Grapefruit Daiquiri - Mixer - 6/375 ML
Cocktail Crate - Tasting Notes: Fresh line and grapefruit with hints of jasmine teaKey Ingredients: Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Fresh Lime Juice, Jasmine Tea UPC: 85697400410
Lavender-Lemon Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - Lavender has been used for centuries as a traditional folk remedy to alleviate all sorts of ailments, including upset stomach, anxiety, and insomnia. We use certified organic true lavender (lavandula angustifolia) to give our syrup a highly aromatic nose. Organic lemon juice and zest complement the lavender’s floral-herbaceous notes. UPC: 79450499571
Maple Whiskey Sour - Mixer - 6/375 ML
Cocktail Crate - Tasting Notes: Rich maple and fresh lemonKey Ingredients: Pure Maple Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice, Hand Made Bitters UPC: 85697400409
Mixer - Mojito-  24/7 OZ
GUS - We’ve taken the work out of making a great Mojito. With real mint oil, key lime juice, cane sugar and perfect carbonation, it’s all here. Just add rum! UPC: 890763002010
Mixer - Moscow Mule -  24/7 OZ
GUS - With spicy ginger root and real key lime juice, cane sugar and perfect carbonation, one single bottle makes a perfect Moscow Mule. Just add vodka or dark spirit! UPC: 890763002027
Mixer - Sparkling Cosmo-  24/7 OZ
GUS - The classic Cosmopolitan just got better with bubbles. Made with real cranberry and key lime juices and notes of bitter orange, this single bottle makes a perfect Sparkling Cosmo. Just add vodka! UPC: 890763002034
Mixer - Tonic and Lemon and Lime  -12/25.4 FL
Powell & Mahoney - Powell & Mahoney Spiced Grapefruit Tonic, Original Tonic and Ginger Beer are the latest additions to the award winning Powell & Mahoney lineup. Using the finest juices, essential oils, and pure cane sugar, Powell & Mahoney has created the finest sparkling mixers crafted with the perfect amount of sweetness and carbonation!- 100% All-Natural - Made only with pure cane sugar, fresh juices, essential oils, pure quinine & ginger - Unique flavors to the category! - Powell & Mahoney is the #1 mixer brand in the Natural Channel1 - Recipe-heavy content on webpage - Star Mixologist Tad Carducci’s exclusive recipes - 853680005229
Mixer - Tonic and Lime-  24/7 OZ
GUS - Tonic drinks always call for a lime. No need to hunt for one with our dry and sophisticated tonic made with real quinine and a splash of real key lime juice. Just add gin or vodka! UPC: 890763002041
Mr. Q. Cumber (Contains Sugar) - 24/7 Oz
Raspberry Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - Our organic raspberry syrup hearkens back to pre-Prohibition days when raspberry syrup was a bar staple. Our ingredients are simply: filtered water, organic raspberries, and organic sugar. UPC: 79450499541
Rose Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - A sophisticated classic: organic sugar, filtered water, organic lime juice, and fair-trade organic rose petals make Royal Rose Rose Syrup floral but not overly sweet. UPC: 79450499561
Saffron Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - Our Saffron Syrup is a brilliant rusty-golden hue. Sweet and spicy cinnamon sings backup. Try it with dark rums, bourbon, brandy- excellent in aromatic cocktails (without lemon or lime). UPC: 69685904463
Three Chile Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - Sweet and smoky and dangerously addictive, this spicy syrup is made with fresh poblano and jalapeño peppers, and dried ancho chiles. Good Food Award winner 2015. UPC: 79450499531

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