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 Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) - 16 OZ
O Olive Oil - Fresh apple goodness. Raw, unfiltered and live. With the Mother. Bright and fresh. Organic apple goodness. Carefully fermented in Sonoma using our own nutrient-rich formula. Amazing in salad dressing. Great spritzed on fresh vegetables.No added sugars or preservatives. Gluten-free. Raw, live, unfiltered, and with the Mother. Naturally delicious and time-honored for multiple health benefits. Makes a refreshing daily tonic when mixed in sparkling water. Shake lightly, splash freely. UPC: 63403940001
Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16.8 Oz
Castillo de Canena - Biodynamic agriculture is a step beyond Organic farming method. It is founded on the harmonization between the different forces that govern Nature: seasons, atmospheric phenomenons, lunar cycles and the position of the constellations in the cosmos. Biodynamic agricultura seeks a comprehensive balance of soil, trees, animals and humanity. UPC: 843700509552
Sindyanna of Galilee - Our well-balanced house blend is composed of our award-winning Barne’a, Coratina and Arbequina cultivars. Its wonderful aroma exudes green apple combined with a lingering herbal flavor of fresh za’atar, thyme, and cinnamon, alongside light bitterness and pungency. Excellent for everyday use in your kitchen. - UPC: 7290005306105
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  - 500 ML
Athena - Don’t let the affordable price of this oil take away from its superior quality— it’s one of the best to come out of Greece and is made with Koroneiki olives grown in the Kolymbari region of Crete on the western part of the island. Farmers from the family-run business collect the fruit from nets underneath the trees because they are less acidic when they don’t touch the ground, and though it’s not full-on peppery, the taste is bold, luscious and slightly spicy. - UPC: 008127000057
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ML
Castillo deCanena - Castillo de Canena was named one of the best olive oil companies in the world by the prestigious Flos Olei guide in 2018, and they continue to win awards every year. Since 1780, the Castillo de Canena estate has been producing exceptional oils in the Guadalquivir Valley of Andalucía in the south of Spain. This exceptional spicy and aromatic harissa arbequina olive oil is produced by slowly infusing high quality Castillo arbequina oil with hot chili peppers, garlic, coriander and caraway, which impart their unique characteristics into the oil. The result is a fragrant red hued oil perfect for finishing fish, pork, chicken and vegetables. Also try drizzling over hummus or sour cream for a tantalizing dip. Origin: Andalucía, Spain- UPC: 843701631931
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from South Africa - 500ML
Morgenster - Estate bottled extra virgin olive oil from the acclaimed wine producing region of Stellenbosch. This is a blended oil, composed of 14 different olive varietals and is not filtered. It is a medium to intense oil with signature aromas of cut grass, green tomatoes, almonds and artichokes. The finish is very clean with a pleasant bitterness and pepper qualities - both distinct characteristics of an excellent quality oil. This oil is from the Southern Hemisphere so the harvest occurs in May/June. UPC: 60096018000
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain - 500 ML
Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ML
Navarino - Estate Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Early – harvested in the season (October), from Koroneiki variety olives carefully gathered from centuries – old trees, cold extraction immediately after picking and milling up to 20 minutes. Due to our strict production methods our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is always high in Polyphenols and under 0.3% in acidity. Awarded at Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2014.Product of Greece UPC: 520035780118
OIL OLIVE EV Greek  -  16.9 OZ
Melies - 2015 is the birth year of our new brand “Melies” from estates around Lechaina in the West Peloponnese, Greece’s most fertile piece of land with more than 50% of Greece’s extra virgin olive oil production. The process of early harvest, cold extraction and careful storage in aluminum stainless steel tanks are respected by all the members of the “Melies” team and the entire production is processed at the same ISO 22000 certified olive mill, while we manage to keep our acidity at < 0.4%, with high Polyphenols and Tocopherols. UPC: 5200011671008
Olive Oil - California Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -  8.45 OZ
O Olive Oil - Organic California Arbequina & Koroneiki olives grown in the fertile coastal northern California soil. High in polyphenol & antioxidant richness. Bright& fruity. A favorite of chefs. Certified Organic & Non-GMO by CCOF. UPC: 634039000702
Olive Oil - Extra Virgin (Organic) - 16.9 OZ
OLIVE OIL EV ORG Chile  -  33 OZ
Our Estate Grown Olives go from tree to press in just two hours, giving our Extra Virgin Olive Oil a fresh taste and flavor, and an extra low acidity level of less than 0.2%. Product of Chile UPC: 89644600230
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic) Sogukoluk Edition-  - 500 ML
Oleamea - Oleamea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sogukoluk Edition, an early harvest olive oil, is made from delicately hand-picked Memecik variety of olives between October and December, before the olives are matured and when they are at their prime. The olives are harvested by hand, and within four hours they are made into oil. This cold pressed olive oil is bottled in nitrogen-sealed dark glass bottles to preserve the oil’s freshness and quality. UPC: 868151131505
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -16.9 OZ
Olivar De La Luna - Olivar de la Luna Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Nevadillo Blanco olives that are indigenous to the Sierra de Cordoba region of Andalucia, Spain. It is a sweet and full-bodied, buttery olive oil with flavor notes of apples and almonds and a slightly piquant finish - UPC: 832924007113
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 8.5 OZ
Hic - Hiç Premium Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is created from delicately curated olives among the fields of Urla, Turkey on the West Aegean Coast. Urla is where the first modern production of olive oil occurred in 600BC. It is said that the soil of Urla bares the aroma of artichokes and green almonds. These are the notes you will encounter when enjoying Hiç Premium Turkish Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use Hiç Extra Virgin Olive Oil generously for cooking, preparing dishes or as a finish to enhance recipes. UPC: 686128508238
Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 8.5 OZ
Hic - First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Forest Grown Collection; 250ml. Hiç (hich) Reserve is a cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil that features the first olives harvested each season with the lowest acidity level of less than 0.5%. Hiç Reserve delivers a grassy aroma of artichoke and fresh almond notes with a balanced pungent and bitter finish. It’s excellent on everything – soups, salads, seafood, meats or just dipping with bread. It’s also the perfect gift for food enthusiasts! UPC: 868128508233
Smoked Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 8.4 Oz
Castillo de Canena - Since 1780, the Castillo de Canena estate has been producing exceptional oils in the Guadalquivir Valley of Andalusia in the south of Spain. This exceptional smoked oil is produced by slowly infusing the high quality Castillo arbequina oil with naturally produced smoke from a mix of oak, beech and birch wood, which impart their unique characteristics into the oil. Undertones of caramel, vanilla and toffee can be detected in the final oil. This unique oil is divine on its own, or pair it with your favorite recipes to create more complexly flavored dishes. This oil received a Gold SOFI award during the Summer Fancy Food Show New York 2015. UPC: 843700509545
Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 8.5 OZ
Holy Smoke - Holy Smokes is a cold pressed extra virgin California olive oil blend that’s cold-smoked with hickory in Charleston, SC! UPC: 86162000040

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