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Apricot & Prune Sauce - 12 OZ
Tara Kitchen - A perfect balance of soft sweetness and a burst of savory, this sauce can be used either as a marinade before cooking or sautéd with meats, seafood and vegetables. - UPC: 866371000007
Harissa Moroccan Hot Sauce - 12 OZ
Tara Kitchen - Give your dishes an endorphin rush of smoky-sweet heat with this hot sauce made with chili peppers, tomatoes, and our own distinctive spice blend. A little goes a long way, but it will keep you coming back for more! - UPC: 866371000083
La Maison - Try our newest “Sauciest” flavor Lemon Pepper Dill. Zesty Lemon flavor works well on fish, poultry and vegetables. Can be used as a sauce, marinade or dressing! Gluten-Free - All-Natural - Non-GMO - 850226003404
Parsley Chermoula -12 OZ
Tara Kitchen - With the distinct nutty-smoky-peppery flavor of nigella seeds setting the tone, and parsley, onions, and cumin rounding out and enhancing it with a mild freshness and warmth, this sauce pairs perfectly with lighter meats and fish or can even be eaten on its own with bread. - UPC: 866371000014
Urbani - Chili is a spicy Mexican sauce made with hot red peppers that Urbani combines with truffles in this new, unique product. Prepared with tomatoes, red and yellow peppers, and extra virgin olive oil, the truffle is added to give a flavor completely different; very delicate and appetizing. A quick and easy way to use truffle chili is to add over roasted meat, fish or oven-roasted veggies. Just a spoonful added to sautéed or steamed meats will put a unique spin on your dish! UPC: 84578003940
Savory Orange Sauce - 8.8 OZ
La Maison - A truly “savory” blend of sherry wine, orange, vegetable stock and spices. A perfect complement to white meat, fish, tofu and rice.Wine-Based, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan UPC: 85022600330
Spicy Date Marinade -12 OZ
Tara Kitchen - Not for the timid tongue, this cooking sauce offers a bold balance of savory and sweet and then kicks it up a notch with a sharp, spicy edge. Use it to marinate, sauté, simmer, or fold it into a barbecue sauce to give an exotic punch to your grilling. - UPC: 866371000021
Tomato Chermoula- 12 OZ
Tara Kitchen - The most basic of Moroccan sauces, this lays the foundation when creating a simple, exotic dish. Light and bright in flavor, with an assertive sweetness and balanced acidity, this sauce is perfect as a base sauce with meats and vegetables or even as a unique pasta sauce. - UPC: 866371000076
Tomato Jam Finishing Sauce - 12 OZ
Tara Kitchen - - UPC: 866371000045

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