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Frozen Yogurt - Black Currant - 16 OZ
Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt - The currants used to make this flavor are bought from Cherry Hill Farm in Springfield, Vermont. It is important to us to use locally sourced ingredients. - UPC: 85842900500
Frozen Yogurt - Chocolate - 16 OZ
Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt - The chocolate flavor is made with an organic cocoa powder from the Dominican. It taste like Fudgsicles that I used to eat as a kid. - UPC: 85842900300
Frozen Yogurt - Maple - 16 OZ
Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt - The most popular flavor. At Cobb Hill we have a maple sugaring operation. The grade B syrup used in our product comes from the trees here on the farm. No other sugar or flavoring is used. - UPC: 85842900100
Frozen Yogurt - Vanilla - 16 OZ
Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt - Our vanilla is made with a blend of Madagascar Bourbon and an organic vanilla. It is one of our most popular flavors. It is so creamy people think they are eating ice cream. - UPC: 85842900200

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