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Pure Chocolate Extract #18 - 2 OZ
Star Kay White - Pure Chocolate Extract #18, often imitated, never duplicated. Known in the flavor world as simply the best. Chocolate extract is used to enhance chocolate notes in white and milk chocolate recipes and to intensify dark chocolate flavor in cakes, pastries, ice cream and beverages. A perfect complement to Vanilla. - UPC: 740101218927
Pure Clove Extract - 2 OZ
Star Kay White - Pure Clove Extract provides the true essence of this ancient spice whether your desire is for an intensely spicy sensation or simply a subtle nuance. This classic spice is warm and aromatic; exceptional for use in cookies, cakes, and traditional holiday baking. It can also be used to enhance the flavors of chutneys and marmalades. - UPC: 740101218941
Pure Ginger Extract - 2 OZ
Star Kay White - Pure Ginger Extract captures the complexities of the fresh ginger root and adds dynamic spice to a variety of dishes. An excellent choice for Asian inspired dishes from dressings to soups to stir-fries. Ginger will also bring out the best in gingerbreads, cookies, custards and beverages. Intensely flavored, use in a gentle manner. - UPC: 740101218958
Pure Lavender Extract - 2 OZ
Star Kay White - Pure Lavender Extract adds an unexpected surprise to desserts that will invite you to venture into new realms of cuisine. Lavender has the ability to blend with fine chocolate, harmonize with the delicate flavor of fresh summer peaches, or heighten the aroma of the season's most exquisite honey. Experience this new sensation - UPC: 740101219030
Pure Orange Extract - 2 OZ
Star Kay White - Pure Orange Extract is fresh zest in a bottle! The extract compliments juice and can replace zest in any recipe. It is indispensable in the creation of fine desserts and pastries. Combined with vanilla and chocolate, it will bring your favorite recipes to new heights. It is a treat when added to vinaigrettes, sauces and marinades. - UPC: 740101218972
Pure Peppermint Extract - 2 OZ
Star Kay White - Pure Peppermint Extract is bold and refreshing with an intensity that stands up to chocolate and coffee. World-renowned ice cream manufacturers have used this same formula for over eleven decades to make refreshing mint chocolate chip and peppermint-stick ice creams. Add fresh peppermint flavor and aromas to chocolates, desserts, ice creams and beverages - UPC: 740101218989

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