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Dairy Free Butterscotch Pudding  - 4/4 OZ
The completion to a pudding lineup. Made with organic cane sugar, browned to perfection, and a touch of sea salt. Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000372
Dairy Free Cheddar  - 16 OZ
A plant based cheddar that melts and tastes like real cheese. Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000723
Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding   - 4/4 OZ
Chocolate dairy free goodness that tastes better than real pudding. Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000365
Dairy Free Garlic Whipped Butter   - 14 OZ
Savory buttery spread with perfectly roasted garlic and just the right amount of sea salt. Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000662
Dairy Free Jalapeño Cream Cheese  - 8 OZ
We added the perfect pepper to our dairy free cream cheese to give it just the right touch of heat. Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000693
Dairy Free Onion Chive Cream Cheese  - 8 OZ
The world’s best dairy free cream cheese, added lots of sweet onions and chives. Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000686
Dairy Free Original Cream Cheese - 8 OZ
A creamy, dairy free, decadent creation. Let’s just say, there’s no need to travel to Philadelphia to help with the bagels anymore… Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000136
Dairy Free Salted Whipped Butter   - 14 OZ
Sea salted, whipped buttery spread that tastes better than real butter. (Vegan & Non-GMO): UPC: 845681000655
Dairy Free Sour Cream  - 16 OZ
A refreshing, delicious, dairy-free sour cream that will win over the skeptics. (Vegan & Non-GMO): UPC: 845681000648
Dairy Free Sweet Cinnamony Whipped Butter   - 14 OZ
We took our tasty whipped butter, added some organic cane sugar and a touch of our own cinnamony elixir to create an amazing spread. Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000679
Dairy Free Vanilla Pudding  - 4/4 OZ
Silky smooth vanilla pudding that ends with a buttery finish! Vegan & Non-GMO UPC: 845681000358
Dip - Creamy Blue Cheese (Dairy Free, Glutren Free) -   12 OZ
WayFare has created the world's first plant-based Bleu Cheese. Crafted with the finest ingredients to ensure extraordinary flavor, our Creamy Bleu Cheese provides a taste that will not disappoint, even the most ardent Bleu Cheese fan. And best of all, it's made 100% from plants! Here are the attributes: • Non-GMO • Vegan Friendly • Gluten Free • Soy Free • Cholesterol Free • Kosher Pareve Certified Arabic, Konjac Root Powder, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract, WayFare Natural Flavors, Calcium Citrate, Citric and Lactic (Vegan) Acid, Vitamin E, Sunflower Lecithin, Grapefruit - UPC: 845681000792
Jalapeño Cheddar Dip/Spread -  16 OZ
Our jalapeño cheddar is a melt-in-your-mouth cheddary bliss with plenty of diced jalapeño, minus the cholesterol and fats found in dairy. Dip it, Mex it, or Melt it! Non-GMO Vegan Friendly Gluten Free Soy Free Cholesterol Free Kosher Pareve Certified No Isolated Proteins UPC: 845681000754

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