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Fig & Cocoa “Ficoco” Spread -  9 OZ
Divina - Rich and chocolatey with notes of caramel and honey. Pair with blue cheese or use as a dessert/pastry jam. UPC: 631723203821
Green Olive Spread -   7 OZ
Divina - A bright and herbal spread that pairs wonderfully with goat cheese or brie and charcuterie. UPC: 631723203838
Kalamata Fig Spread with Almonds -   9 OZ
Divina - A sweet, smoky and nutty blend of Greek Kalamata olives, Aegean figs, almonds and balsamic vinegar. A versatile cheese pairing and jam for baked goods. UPC: 631723203852
Organic Olive Bruschetta -   8.1 OZ
Divina - Made from organically farmed and handpicked olives, sweet peppers, zesty capers, garlic and spices. Spread on a cracker or sandwich or toss with pasta and baked chicken. UPC: 631723212465
Sour Cherry Spread -   9 OZ
Divina - A bold, fruit-forward spread that captures the tartness and hint of sweetness of a sour cherry. Pair with cheese, spread on sandwiches or glaze grilled/roasted meats and veggies. UPC: 631723203890

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