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Kombucha  - Ready To Drink - Boogie Down The Original Brew Craft Cola Redux-  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - This is Revive Kombucha’s original buch, the brew that spoke to us and changed everything. In the beginning, we were just a small family in a small garage, brewing and tasting and playing, day and night, batch after batch, searching for a buch that spoke to us. It’s a journey we’ll always cherish, but nothing compares to that one day, that moment we first tasted Boogie Down. It was the one, the foundation, the flavor of Revive Kombucha. UPC: 817992020004
Kombucha - Ready to Drink - Ascend Lemon Refresher White Tea Brew (Organic) -  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - Back when Revive Kombucha started, we put a lot of time and hard work into building something new. Then someone gave us a family recipe for a restoring tonic. It was super refreshing and, well, revivifying. We loved it and used it as the inspiration for Ascend. It joins the smooth energy of white tea with cleansing Lysine, immune-boosting vitamin C and live kombucha cultures, brewed one fresh batch at a time. UPC: 817992020042
Kombucha - Ready to Drink - Campfire Toasty Green Tea Genmaicha Brew-  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - If you’ve ever watched the sun go down knowing you gave the day your best, then you know Campfire. This is revive kombucha’s ode to a relaxation you earned with your whole self. We brew Campfire with a Japanese tea called genmaicha, a rustic green tea mixed with toasted rice. It makes for a simple, toasty kombucha that’s a perfect refreshment as you let the day go. UPC: 817992020059
Kombucha - Ready to Drink - Free Ride Hibiscus Fruit Herbal Refresher (Caffeine Free)-  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - Free Ride is Revive Kombucha’s clean, crisp caffeine-free wave. Together, naturally sweet and tart hibiscus flowers and our classic kombucha culture make for a bright, laid back, feel good brew. This is our contribution to the time-honored tradition of living in the moment and enjoying life’s progress, one beautiful step at a time. UPC: 817992020011
Revive Kombucha - Revive Kombucha put a beach vacation in a bottle and now you have Tropic Wonder. It’s an invigorating, refreshing brew of earl grey tea and tangy orange peel, perfectly blended with cold-pressed orange juice, a bit of spicy cayenne and a touch of smooth vanilla, all brought to life with our perfect fermentation. Available only when the fruits are in season, this is a kombucha for when life slows down. UPC: 817992020073
Kombucha - Ready To Drink - Up BeatCoffee Brew Featuring Equator Coffee -  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - I know what you’re thinking, “Coffee kombucha? This is going to be weird.” If by “weird” you mean “super smooth and delicious,” you are right. Revive Kombucha’s UpBeat: Equator Coffee, vanilla, almond and live kombucha cultures. With its roasty flavor, hint of sweetness and modern character, this is what we drink when the evening calls for work, creative juices flow or a night out is just on the horizon.Solar- Yerba Mate Ginger Raw Ginger Energy UPC: 817992020028
Kombucha - Ready to Drink Solar Yerba Mate Ginger Raw Ginger Energy-  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - At Revive Kombucha, work and fun are pretty much the same thing, but there are times when staying at our best means putting in that extra effort and pushing ourselves to new limits. It’s how we keep growing. Solar is Revive’s elixir for the big tests in your life. I’s a bright clean brew, full of yerba mate, ginger, lemon and live kombucha cultures, every batch purpose-brewed to give you deliciously focused, sustained energy. UPC: 817992020035
Kombucha - Ready to Drink -Wild GingerGinger Lime All-Ginger Brew-  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - Ingredients: Organic Ginger Kombucha Culture (Organic Ginger Root and Organic & Fair Trade Certified Cane Sugar), Organic Cold Pressed Raw Lime Juice and Organic Cold Pressed Ginger Juice. UPC: 817992020097
Kombucha -Ready To Drink - Spring FlingCucumber, Mint, Lemon White Tea Brew-  6/12 OZ
Revive Kombucha - Spring Fling is Revive Kombucha’s delightful homage to the kindest season and our latest full-time brew. It blends cold-pressed cucumber juice with bright mint, tangy lemon and a light white tea brew for a truly effervescent fermented kombucha. It’s a song of spring and all its promise, where fresh ingredients share their newly-awakened sensations. UPC: 817992020080

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