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Natural Uncured Hickory Smoked Bacon - 8 OZ
Waterhill Naturals & Organics - Our all-natural gourmet bacon is by far the most delicious youíve ever tasted. NO added nitrates or nitrites and absolute perfection for the ultimate BLT. And, of course, breakfast. UPC: 052294006909
Organic Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (Sliced) - 6 OZ
Waterhill Naturals & Organics - A kiss of honey and a little sea salt is all thatís needed to season this organic chicken breast. Itís perfect for making better sandwiches, wraps or just eating straight out of the package. UPC: 052294077565
Organic Seasoned Cooked Roast Beef (Sliced) - 5 OZ
Waterhill Naturals & Organics - Less is more with our organic roast beef. No fancy spices to mask the delicious flavor. Just a little salt, pepper and grass-fed goodness is all it takes to earn the sandwich envy you deserve UPC: 055294059592
Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dogs - 8.75 OZ
Waterhill Naturals & Organics - The hot dog has redeemed itself with this purely organic, uncured, all beef option. Our chefís unique blend of spices turn this all-American food into an all-natural delight. UPC: 052294024002

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