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Botanical Tonic Water -  8/500 ML
Fentiman's - A light but finely balanced liquid with a distinctive floral aroma. The initial refreshing bitterness on the tongue is quickly balanced by the botanical sweetness of Hyssop, Lime Flower and Juniper Berries to leave a clean, dry citrus note. The taste is created by a complex mix of botanical infusions with the delicate aroma of lime flowers. UPC: 5029396000420
Light Tonic Water-  8/500 ML
Fentiman's - A clean, refreshing, distinctive citrus character, rounded by a slight hint of quinine. A blend of herbal infusions (Kaffir Lime Leaves & Juniper) and Lemongrass extract is also added to enhance the profile of the product, giving it a unique and distinctive flavor. UPC: 5029396000413
Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water -  8/500 ML
Fentiman's - The balanced sweet and sour flavour of pink grapefruit is perfectly rounded by the subtle addition of quinine. This appetising mixer provides a distinctive citrus scent which is complemented by a sweet and warming hint of orange. The finish is refreshingly dry and crisp. UPC: 5029396000437
Premium Indian Tonic Water -  8/500 ML
Fentiman's - A clean, refreshing and crisp, Premium Indian Tonic Water contains the finest quinine and Lemongrass. Carefully selected herbal infusions including Juniper Berry and Kaffir Lime Leaves are added to enhance the profile of the mixer, making it perfect to serve with bold and citrus flavoured gins. UPC: 5029396000116

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