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Authentic Grenadine - 12 Oz
UPC: 78099900206
Blood Orange Bitters - 12 Oz
The defining ingredient in cocktails. The roots from which all cocktails sprung. These are some of the ways that Bitters are described. Derived from roots bark herbs and fruit the function of bitters is to give any cocktail "body." Our bitters are the first to incorporate blood oranges and a secret blend of other exotic ingredients. The result is mellower a little sweeter and bitter with a sweet side instead of old-man-with-a-dog bitter. A modern interpretation of a classic. UPC: 78099900093
Cardamom-Clove Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - This spiced syrup contains organic sugar, filtered water, organic whole cardamom pods, and organic cloves. Spicy notes of cardamom and clove warm the soul UPC: 79450499551
Raspberry Simple Syrup - 8 Oz
Royal Rose - Our organic raspberry syrup hearkens back to pre-Prohibition days when raspberry syrup was a bar staple. Our ingredients are simply: filtered water, organic raspberries, and organic sugar. UPC: 79450499541
Simple Syrup - 12 Oz
The original inspiration for our "Simple Cocktails" Simple Syrup is a starting point for many great cocktails. And like the foundation of a house or the hull of a boat this critical first step must be right for the rest of the cocktail to work. This ingredient takes the guess work out: pure canesugar and triple-filtered water in just the rightproportion. UPC: 78099900094
Simple Syrup Bar Starter - Contains Sugar - 6/12.68 OZ
Simple Syrup has been the foundation of cocktails dating back to “Punch”, which was concocted by seafarers hundreds of years ago because it made spirits taste better and last longer. Simple syrup is essential in making “from scratch” Margaritas or Mojitos…and hundreds of other cocktails. Simple Syrup is THE essential ingredient for all mixologists…MIX ON!---UPC:89840600112

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