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6 all natural crepes made with fresh premium ingredients. Serve plain dusted with sugar or filled with chocolate jam cream or fruit. UPC: 82541458600
Fillo Roll Goat Cheese & Fig 12 Count - 8 Oz
White Toque's crispy hand wrapped fillo rolls arefilled with goat cheese imported from France and whole fig reaching a subtle balance of sweet and savory. These delicate mini pastries will add sophistication to any table or buffet. UPC: 82541450161
Hors D'Oeuvres Fillo Assorted 12 Count - 10 Oz
This all-natural savory assortments includes 4 ofeach of Feta and sundried tomato bow ties spanakopita triangles and roasted vegetables purses. UPC: 82541450119
Pear & Brie Fillo Purses – 12 count  - 8 Oz
Fillo (Phyllo) is a paper-thin sheet of dough that is layered, formed and baked into delightfully crunchy and savory appetizers. For an elegant and delicious hors d'oeuvre, try this traditional combination of Poached Pears and Brie Cheese in this beautifully hand-shaped fillo purse. UPC: 82541450163
With these fully baked mini Fillo Pastry shells, add your filling to make delicious and elegant mini tarts. Use them for breakfast treats, snacks or desserts. upc: 82541464006
Raspberry & Brie Fillo Puffs – 12 count  - 8.5 Oz
White Toque's crispy hand wrapped fillo triangles are filled with Brie Cheese and Raspberries accented by slices almonds: an intense yet light classic that will add sophistication to any table or buffet. UPC: 82541450164

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