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Get Well (Urgent Immune Support) - 30 TAB
Dr. Schnuffie's - Dr. Schnuffie’s all-in-one natural approach to acute immune support, provides fast-acting relief from flu season colds. It’s an ultra high-potency supplement that uses a combination of top-quality herbal extracts and premium vitamins and minerals to provide advanced immune system support when you really need it. It works when nothing else does, to get you back on your feet. No side effects -- Get Well works with your immune system to help it do what it does best: Keeping you healthy. Take 1 or 2 tablets twice a day at the first sign of symptoms. Perfect for travel. (30 tablets) UPC: 86697500030
Stay Well (Daily Immune Support) - 60 TAB
Dr. Schnuffie's - Dr. Schnuffie’s everyday high-potency immune system support with all-natural ingredients to strengthen your body’s key defenses. It’s a high-potency blend of herbal extracts and premium vitamins and minerals, providing extra immune support against germs from sneezing coworkers, fellow travelers, or those brought home from school. With Stay Well you have a fighting chance to be the healthy one in the crowd. And no side effects -- Stay Well works naturally with your immune system. Take one a day during flu season or year-round. (60 tablets) UPC: 86697500031

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