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Aromatic & Orange Bitters - (Gift/Travel Set) - 3.4 OZ
Hella Bitters Company - This attractive bitters experience was designed specifically for the adventurous home bartender or chef, our Orange and Aromatic bitters will be a welcome addition to your mixology and cooking prowess! These two are travel friendly and a great gift for anyone in your life that has taste...buds that is. - UPC: 85000107017
Aromatic Cocktail Bitters - 5 OZ
Hella Bitters Company - Our Aromatic bitters are really well balanced. They have the quintessential aromatic notes of cinnamon, clove and Jamaican allspice with the depth and kick of black peppercorns and caraway. By using wormwood in addition to Gentian root the bitter finish is prominent and complex without being overwhelming. A true classic.- UPC: 85000107000
Bloody Mary Mix - 6/750 ML
Hella Bitters Company - Nothing embodies our philosophy of bold flavor, real ingredients and hospitality more than our Bloody Mary. Made simply with ingredients you could find in your pantry or behind the bar, where it was developed, our quality-first recipe is 100% juice with nothing artificial, ever. We think itís the best out-of-the-bottle mix you can get. The high juice content, horseradish and coarse ground black pepper ensure a body that wonít ever be watered down when you add your favorite spirit. Itís everything you want in a Bloody Mary Mix and nothing you donít.- UPC: 85000107003
Moscow Mule Mix - 6/750 ML
Hella Bitters Company - Moscow Mules served in beautiful copper cups are all the rage. You can also use this mix as a Ginger Lime syrup in classic drinks like a Dark & Stormy. Or just add club soda for a refreshing ginger beer with just enough kick.- UPC: 85000107007
Orange Cocktail Bitters - 5 OZ
Hella Bitters Company - Our orange formula fulfills the needs of even the most demanding cocktail menu. A superior, Orange forward formula relying on the purity and simplicity of real ingredients. No orange extracts here, just real skins. The aromatic spice blend completes this dynamic and full bodied Orange bitters. House-blend no longer required.- UPC: 85000107009

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