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Anise-Marinated Kalamata Olives with Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 7.4 OZ
Ingredients: Kalamata Olives 47.3%, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50%, Salt, Vinegar, Anise Seed 0.2%.
Biodynamic Kalamata Olives - 10.2 OZ
Divina - The iconic Greek Kalamata, smoky and fruity, harvested and produced from a balanced ecosystem that generates resources from the farm itself. UPC: 63172324221
Divina - Garnishing its namesake cocktail, diced over hummus, or paired with burrata, you will go crazy for these fruity and buttery Mt. Athos olives boldly marinated in a savory and robust Bloody Mary brine. UPC: 63172320211
Divina - Inspired by our favorite bar bites, we handpick plump and buttery Mt. Athos olives and stuff them with a creamy and spicy Buffalo blue cheese. The perfect veggie-friendly appetizer served with wings, carrots, celery and the works! UPC: 63172320054
Divina - A bold and rich spread that begins sweet and finishes with a flash of heat. With notes of caramel, honey and chili, we love this spread paired with manchego or goat cheese. UPC: 63172320386
Mina - Our dry-cured black Beldi olives are prepared the way they have been for centuries - carefully hand-picked at peak ripeness, naturally cured in sea salt and then lightly coated with olive oil. In Morocco these deliciously rich olives are served in salads, drizzled with olive oil or mixed with harissa and enjoyed as a snack. These olives faithfully reflect Morocco’s unique culinary history. UPC: 85295500712
Divina - This grab-and-go snack is perfect for a picnic lunch or cocktail hour. Pair with your favorite wine and pita chips for a classic Greek snack or light meal. UPC: 63172314051
Divina - Greece’s most popular varietals (Kalamata, Mt. Athos, Gordal, Mt. Pelion) marinated with herbs and spices. Pair with Feta. UPC: 63172314241
Divina - Delightful medley of organic Greek olives in aromatic wild herbs. An easy-to-serve, crowd-pleasing appetizer. UPC: 63172315241
Jumbo Black  Pitted Olives - (No Ferrous Gluconate) - 5.75 OZ Can
Kosher - Product of California - Gluten-Free - Cholesterol-Free - UPC:70617301227
Divina - The iconic Greek Kalamata cultivated without pesticides or additives! Smoky and fruity with a red wine-infused snap, these firm, sharp olives pair perfectly with Feta. UPC: 63172315221
Kalamata Spread (Organic) - 8.5 OZ
Divina - Bold and fruity. Enjoy with crusty bread and goat cheese. UPC: 63172321310
Kalmata Pitted Olives - 6.5 Oz
Food Should Taste Good “We develop, import and distribute specialty foods under our own brands. We import only products that we enjoy to consume ourselves and we search to develop or find new ones as time goes by. We select suppliers who know good taste.” Good Tasting Food Should Also Offer Value “We expect that our products will compete with the best brands in their category. We price our products competitively, so that they can be consumed on a regular basis.” Good Food Comes From Dedicated Suppliers “We have exclusive arrangements with our suppliers in Greece and India with whom we co-develop our products. Our suppliers range from small artisan to those with special production lines.” Nature’s Finest Ingredients, Preferably Organic “In concert with our suppliers we identify the groves, orchards and plantations where our products come from. Then we ask and pay for the pick of the crop. We encourage organic farming and continuously expand our line of organic foods.”The Best Natural Ingredients and Tasty Recipes “Nothing artificial goes in our manufactured foods. We specify ingredients, recipes and packaging and expect the highest quality control. All our products have a relatively long shelf life. We do not presently import products that require refrigeration.” ---UPC:2697720131
Divina - A classic crowd-pleaser, this mix is packed with creamy Feta cubes that are marinated with Greek Kalamata and green olives. A perfect cocktail hour bite served with wine. UPC: 63172314050
Olives -  5-Olive Mélange (‘may-longe’) - 9.2 Oz
Five delicious Provençal olives: Cracked green, black salt cured, tiny Nicoise, Tournantes, and Picholines. Cured in natural sea salt brine and finished with a dash of expeller pressed sunflower oil and Herbes de Provence. UPC: 09958800505
Olives -  Green & Pitted Green Olives - 9.2 Oz
Early-harvest green Provencal olives are cured in sea salt brine,and then dressed with Herbes de Provence -- five aromatic wild herbs. A touch of sunflower oil finishes the recipe. UPC: 09958800501
Olives -  Nicoise & Pitted Nicoise (knee-swaaz) - 9.2 Oz
Originally from the City of Nice on the Cote d'Azur, the tiny, flavorful dark purple olives are traditionally served with Salade Nicoise, with sandwiches and in many other salads. Great, too in stews, soups and sauces, where the wine-flavor of these rich tiny olives can be appreciated. UPC: 09958800506
Olives - Castelvetrano Whole (Gluten Free) - 12 Oz
These memorable olives are imported from family farms in Castelvetrano Sicily. They are a favorite snack olive in Italy, yet very hard to find in the U.S. They have a unique nutty, buttery flavor, mild brine and wonderful natural green color. Product of Italy UPC: 07321400745
Olives Black Large Pitted - 6 Oz Can
Natural tree ripened black olive. UPC: 08915684012
Olives Castelvetrano - 10 Oz (Drained Weight)
These memorable yet hard-to-find olives are from Castelvetrano, Sicily. They have a distinct bright green hue and a meaty, buttery flesh. Just the right amount of salt without any bitterness makes this THE green olive! UPC: 07321400611
Olives- Garlic Stuffed (Gluten Free) - 12 Oz
We use only the largest colossal-sized olives for stuffing which allows more room for the goodies inside. Each delectable olive is hand stuffed with locally grown garlic from Gilroy, California, the garlic capital of the U.S. The quality, consistency and addictive nature of these olives are unrivaled. Naturally low in carbs! Product of USA UPC: 07321400748
100% Greek Olives, All Natural & Hand Selected One by One Our family’s strict adherence to the highest standards of quality produces the finest quality olives for our customers. True joy for your cocktails, salads,cooking or appetizers. UPC: 66137313303
Olives Green Tree Ripe Pitted - 6 Oz Can
UPC: 08915684012
Olives Kalamata Pitted - 6 Oz
The most famous olive from Greece. Unmistakable almond shape pointed tip and deep purple color. Picked ripe and cured in red wine vinegar brine. UPC: 63172320220
Olives Kalamata Pitted (Organic) - 7 Oz
The most famous olive from Greece. Unmistakable almond shape pointed tip and deep purple color. Picked ripe and cured in red wine vinegar brine. UPC: 63172320291
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