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Roland - An Egyptian dry spice blend, made with a nutty base (peanuts and sesame) and dried herbs. Dukkah is traditionally served with olive oil and flatbread. Use as a crust on fish or lamb and try sprinkling it atop salads, fried chickpeas or popcorn. UPC: 041224750685
Roland - This Tunisian spice mix is a vibrant and spicy blend. Sweet paprika is complemented by garlic, caraway and hot chili powder. Blend with olive oil or a little water and rub on poultry for a delicious tagine, or use as a dry crust on colorful carrots. UPC: 041224750623
Herbamare Seasoning (Organic) - 8.8 Oz
UPC: 02171841216
Krazy Mixed Up Salt - 4 Oz
This is the original mixed-up salt! Use it to liven up all of your favorite dishes. Adds a wonderful flavor to meat fish poultry and vegetables casseroles and soups. UPC: 04127800005
Roland - Ras el hanout translates to “best of the shop”. Originally from Morocco, it owes its heady fragrance to turmeric, allspice and cumin. There is no ultimate recipe; each family has its own preferred blend! It is commonly used in tagines or as a dry rub for lamb or poultry. UPC: 041224750722
Pure Sargol Iranian Saffron. Four .125 gram capsules per .5 gram pack. UPC: 04570200050
Roland - Shawarma is a fragrant and earthy spice blend brightened up by citrusy coriander and sweet fenugreek. It is typically blended with yogurt, vinegar, garlic, and onions and poured over thin slices of meat. Traditionally, the thin slices of meat are skewered over a long spit and grilled to juicy perfection. UPC: 041224750708
Roland - Za’atar is one of the cornerstones of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. A fine mix of herbs (thyme and oregano), sumac and sesame seeds. It is traditionally served on top of thick yogurt known as labne or over hummus. Use as a rub on roasted chicken or vegetables such as eggplant, carrots, or potatoes. UPC: 041224750661

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