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Burrito Bean & Rice (Dairy Free) - 6/6 Oz
Organic flour tortilla wrapped around organic pinto beans rice and vegetables in a mild Mexican sauce. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. Only 6 gms of fat.0 UPC: 04227200070
Burrito Bean & Rice With Chedar Cheese - 6/6 Oz
Organic flour tortilla wrapped around organic pinto beans rice and vegetables in a mild Mexican sauce with cheese. UPC: 04227200071
Burrito Black Bean (Dairy Free) - 6/6 Oz
Organic flour tortilla wrapped around a combination of organic black beans and vegetables in a mildMexican sauce. Nice and spicy. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. UPC: 04227200073
Burrito Southwestern - 6/5.5 Oz
This new burrito is made with fire roasted poblano peppers jalapeņo peppers black olives and organic corn masa combined with organic pinto beans and Monterey Jack cheese in an organic whole wheat tortilla. UPC: 04227200076
Enchilada Black Bean (Gluten Free, Dairy Free) - 3/9.5 Oz
Organic corn tortilla filled with organic black beans and vegetables and covered with a traditionalMexican sauce. Spanish rice and pinto beans on the side. Non-dairy/gluten free/no cholesterol. Only8 gms of fat per 10 oz. serving. UPC: 04227200081
Macaroni & Cheese - 3/9 Oz
A true comfort food and kids' favorite. Organic elbow macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce. UPC: 04227200030
Pocket Sandwich Cheese Pizza - 6/4.5 Oz
Classic cheese pizza combination of mozzarella cheese and our flavorful organic pizza sauce. UPC: 04227200075
Pocket Sandwich Spinach & Feta - 6/4.5 Oz
Filled with a unique blend of organic spinach tofu and feta cheese. A gourmet treat. UPC: 04227200093
Pot Pie Veggie (Dairy Free) - 3/7.5 Oz
The same tasty combination of organic vegetablestofu and sauce as the original but with a non-dairy crust. No cholesterol. UPC: 04227200026
Veggie Burger California (Organic, Dairy Free) - 3/10 Oz
A savory blend of grains organic vegetables mushrooms and walnuts. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. UPC: 04227200010
Veggie Burger Sonoma (Orangic, Vegan, Gluten-Free)  -  10  Oz
Our amazing new Sonoma Burger is a flavorful combination of organic quinoa, walnuts, mushrooms, veggies and spices. Quinoa is a great source of all 9 essential amino acids that make up a complete protein. Plus our new burger is gluten, dairy and soy free. No Trans Fat/No Added MSG/No Preservatives/Vegan UPC: 04227200373

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