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4 Cheese Pizza ( Organic, Vegetarian) - 12 Oz
Four Cheese Pizza also known as “Pizza Quatro Formaggio” is the most popular pizza served in fine restaurants all around the world. Amy’s version of this pizza combines the traditional four cheeses… Fontina, Provolone, Parmesan and Mozzarella with our own special authentic pizza sauce made from organic vine ripened tomatoes spread on Amy’s unbeatable organic wheat crust. When you crave an especially rich, flavorful pizza with plenty of cheese, just heat up Amy’s Four Cheese Pizza and enjoy. 0g Trans Fat/No Added MSG/No Preservatives UPC: 04227200128
Asian Noodle Stir-Fry (Gluten Free, Dairy Free) - 3/10 Oz
An intriguing combination of organic Asian noodles vegetables and tofu in a ginger garlic sauce. Non-dairy gluten free no cholesterol. UPC: 04227200130
Bowl Pesto Tortellini - 3/9.5 Oz
The ultimate in comfort foods.. tender organic tortellini pasta and ricotta in a rich creamy pesto sauce. UPC: 04227200176
Breakfast Tofu Scramble - 3/9 Oz
Generous portions of tofu scrambled with organic vegetables with hash browned potatoes on the side make up this delicious meal. UPC: 04227200054
Burrito Bean & Rice (Dairy Free) - 6/6 Oz
Organic flour tortilla wrapped around organic pinto beans rice and vegetables in a mild Mexican sauce. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. Only 6 gms of fat.0 UPC: 04227200070
Burrito Bean & Rice With Chedar Cheese - 6/6 Oz
Organic flour tortilla wrapped around organic pinto beans rice and vegetables in a mild Mexican sauce with cheese. UPC: 04227200071
Burrito Black Bean (Dairy Free) - 6/6 Oz
Organic flour tortilla wrapped around a combination of organic black beans and vegetables in a mildMexican sauce. Nice and spicy. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. UPC: 04227200073
Burrito Especial - 6/6 Oz
A collection of the finest organic ingredients blended in a flavorful Spanish sauce and wrapped ina delicate flour tortilla. Every bite is burstingwith flavorful seasonings and mouth watering ingredients like organic white rice black beans vegetables and cheeses. A delicious light meal or the main course served with soup salad or other sides. UPC: 04227200074
Burrito Southwestern - 6/5.5 Oz
This new burrito is made with fire roasted poblano peppers jalapeño peppers black olives and organic corn masa combined with organic pinto beans and Monterey Jack cheese in an organic whole wheat tortilla. UPC: 04227200076
Enchilada Black Bean (Gluten Free, Dairy Free) - 3/9.5 Oz
Organic corn tortilla filled with organic black beans and vegetables and covered with a traditionalMexican sauce. Spanish rice and pinto beans on the side. Non-dairy/gluten free/no cholesterol. Only8 gms of fat per 10 oz. serving. UPC: 04227200081
Enchilada Cheese (Gluten Free) - 3/9 Oz
Tortillas made from freshly ground organic corn filled with a blend of cheeses accented by olivesand peppers and covered with a traditional Mexican sauce. Gluten free. UPC: 04227200080
Light & Lean 3 Cheese Penne Marinara Bowl - 8 Oz
Made with Organic Tomatoes & Pasta Unpretentious and delicious, this is a comfortingly familiar bowl of pasta. Penne is cooked with organic marinara, extra virgin olive oil and a trio of creamy mozzarella, earthy Fontina and savory Parmesan. Only 270 calorie Kosher. UPC: 04227200805
Light & Lean Roasted Polenta with Swiss Chard (Kosher, Gluten Free) - 8 Oz
Made with Organic Cornmeal and VegetablesDuLTVDuSweet yellow cornmeal polenta is topped by an organic summer stew of squash, sun-ripened tomatoes and mushrooms. With a side of fragrant slow-cooked chard, this rustic dish contains only 140 calories.DuLTVDuKosher / Gluten Free UPC: 04227200802
Light & Lean Spaghetti Italiano with Meatless Meatballs Bowl (Kosher, Gluten Free) - 8 Oz
Made with Organic Pasta & Veggies Organic semolina spaghetti, meatless meatballs made of lentils, quinoa and tofu, topped with a sauce of simmered organic vegetables, roasted garlic and seasonings and a side of broccoli florets. Only 240 calories. Kosher. UPC: 04227200806
Macaroni & Cheese - 3/9 Oz
A true comfort food and kids' favorite. Organic elbow macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce. UPC: 04227200030
Meal Whole Enchilada Cheese (Gluten Free) - 3/10 Oz
Our unbeatable cheese enchilada with organic golden corn accented by Anaheim chilies and organic black beans with fresh salsa on the side. Gluten free. UPC: 04227200057
Meal Whole Veggie Loaf (Dairy Free) - 3/10 Oz
Meatless alternative to an old time favorite made from a unique blend of grains vegetables and legumes and smothered with gravy. Organic mashed potatoes peas and corn on the side. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. UPC: 04227200053
Pizza Cheese & Tomato (Organic) - 4/13 Oz
The classic favorite made with our savory pizza sauce and grated part skim mozzarella cheese. UPC: 04227200101
Pizza Roasted Vegetables (No Cheese, Dairy Free) - 4/12 Oz
No cheese. Topped with marinated organic shiitakemushrooms roasted red peppers sweet onions and marinated artichoke hearts. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. UPC: 04227200103
Pizza Single Serve Cheese - 3/6.2 Oz
The classic favorite made with our savory pizza sauce and grated part skim mozzarella cheese. UPC: 04227200194
Pizza Single Serve Spinach - 3/7.2 Oz
A blend of feta cheese basil and organic spinachtopped with a sprinkling of part skim mozzarella cheese. UPC: 04227200195
Pocket Sandwich Cheese Pizza - 6/4.5 Oz
Classic cheese pizza combination of mozzarella cheese and our flavorful organic pizza sauce. UPC: 04227200075
Pocket Sandwich Spinach & Feta - 6/4.5 Oz
Filled with a unique blend of organic spinach tofu and feta cheese. A gourmet treat. UPC: 04227200093
Pocket Sandwich Spinach Pizza (Contains Sugar) - 6/4.5 Oz
Amy's customers love their Spinach Pizza. To save them the trouble of heating an entire pizza for lunches or snacks they've filled a tender crust with the same popular topping (organic spinach feta and mozzarella cheeses and pizza sauce) to create a pizza pocket sandwich that is quick and easy to prepare and tastes great. UPC: 04227200173
Pocket Sandwich Vegetable Potpie (Dairy Free) - 6/5 Oz
Amy's original pot pie filling made from vegetables and tofu simmered in a well seasoned sauce. Non-dairy/no cholesterol. UPC: 04227200095
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