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Pesto Premium Basil - 6.3 Oz
Bright. Effusive. Organic Sicilian Mintucha oregano--our own rare greenhouse-grown herb--blends with organic basil Pecorino Romano cheese from sheep's milk and judicious fresh garlic. Made with expeller-pressed GMO-free extra virgin olive oil and soybean oil. Toss with pasta. Top a pizza. Spread Premium Basil Pesto on foccacia bread and sandwich-stuff with grilled chicken Roma tomatoes and mozzarella. UPC: 89055400001
Pesto Rich Cilantro - 6.3 Oz
Piquant. Aromatic. Exotic. A distinctive taste--perfectly suited for American and Mexican menus--that blends organic cilantro with sheep's milk cheese fresh garlic and full-bodied expeller-pressed oil. Use as a sauce on burritos tamales and enchiladas. Add pine nuts capers and peppercorns to linguine and sauce all with Rich Cilantro Pesto. UPC: 89055400004
Pesto Tomato Basil - 6.3 Oz
Hearty. Chunky. Basil-based recipe folds in fresh-dried tomato bits and extra lashings of garlic. Features sheep's milk cheese our blend of expeller-pressed extra virgin olive oil and soybean oil. Terrific on pasta and to top a pizza. A customer favorite. UPC: 89055400006

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