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Red Chile Zucchini Tamales (Organic, 4pack) - 12 OZ
Buenatural- Authentic, premium vegan friendly tamales: a zesty combination of zucchini and corn marinated in a rich red chile sauce and wrapped in stone ground non-GMO corn masa. Hand-made with pride, these tamales are perfect for an appetizer, bar, buffet, small plate, or combo menu. Tamales are wrapped in parchment. UPC: 082256136511
Tortillas Corn 6 Inch (Organic) - 6/12 Count
Half a century ago Bueno Foods began rolling flour tortillas by hand on a pie crust roller. Today they have combined the best of tradition with state-of-the-art methods and equipment to create authentic and functional tortillas. Their Corn Tortillas are made in the traditional northern New Mexican manner with corn cooked whole & ground coarse these tortillas have excellent taste and texture unique to the region. They are made with only the finest certified organic ingredients to please the palates of customers who are in search of superior organic products. UPC: 08225660112
Tortillas White 8 Inch (Organic) - 6/6 Count
UPC: 08225672310

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