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Waku  Unsweetened Raw Blend - Herbal Wellness Tea - 12/10.14OZ
Waku - We knew that Waku Original has herbal, fruity and aromatic taste, and it is the perfectcombination between tasty and healthy. But we knew that we needed something else,something that fit with all people needs and taste. That is why we created WakuUnsweetened, which is the same delicious, fruity and aromatic flavor of the originalversion, but with zero added sweeteners. Created especially for those who do notconsume any sweetener in their daily life. Maybe you are thinking that we just took out the sweetener from the original flavor, butactually, to maintain the great herbal taste, we created a new recipe based on differentamounts of herbs and flowers. How does it taste? Waku Unsweetened has a delicious and refreshing flavor, you can definitely taste theherbs! In three words we can describe Waku Unsweetened as natural, refreshing and earthy. UPC: 75675895994
Waku Original Lemon Hint - Herbal Wellness Tea - 12/10.14OZ
Waku - Believe it or not, Waku Original herbal wellness tea is a blend of more than 20medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers that naturally soothes the body and helps thedigestive system. Can you believe it? More than 20 super herbs and flowers in thesame drink! How does it taste? It is a refreshing tea-like drink with a fruity and aromatic taste, accented with a hint oflemon, it tastes so much better when it is very chilled! It is not very sweet, it has theperfect amount of sweetness. You can drink it on a very warm and sunny day, becauseit is very refreshing! Also, you can enjoy it during winter time to stay hydrated. Anyway,Waku is perfect any time of the day! UPC: 086156654137
Waku Passion Fruit - Herbal Wellness Tea - 12/10.14OZ
Waku - We were very happy with Waku Original, but we wanted to share different fruits, thatprobably are not that common in the U.S. One of the amazing things about Ecuador, is that is a place full of biodiversity which means we can experiment with multiple exoticand nutritious ingredients! How does it taste? Waku Passion Fruit is the perfect amount of tart and sweet. The same Waku tasteyou love, infused with the tropical taste of passion fruit. UPC: 756756895956

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