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Coconut Milk Powder - Contains Sugar - Gluten Free - Vegan - Kosher - 5.25 OZ Resealable Pouch
Native Forest --- Coconut Milk Powder --- Dairy Free Vegan Gluten Free Kosher ~ Instant - Just add water ~ Make coconut milk anywhere you can take our powder! ~ Makes a great coffee creamer! --- UPC:04318200101
Dried Apples N Cinnamon - Organic - RAW - 3.6 OZ
Organic LIVING Superfoods --- Organic Living Superfoods is a locally based distributor and manufacturer of organic plant-based superfoods. Superfoods are referred to as those that are dense in nutrition, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals while comparably low in calories. --- It was founded in 2012 by Bruce Namenson (former partner/owner of the Prana Café) and Craig Singer based upon the premise that incorporating plant- based organic superfoods into your diet, as opposed to drugs and pharmaceuticals, can naturally aid in preventing and even reversing diseases such as cancer, heart disease, depression, inflammatory diseases and a plethora of other illnesses commonly associated with the Western diet. --- As a former partner/owner of the Prana Café, a vegan restaurant in Newton, MA, I spent hundreds of hours tirelessly searching and sourcing the best quality products for the development of recipes. We strive for excellence in quality and taste and continually bring you new and cutting edge products backed by reputable information as to the benefits of maintaining and incorporating plant based products into your diet. ---All of our products are raw, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and certified organic and sourced from premier sustainable growers from around the globe. Our packaging is made of rice paper and fully compostable, and the quality of its contents is unparalleled. --- We also offer a wide variety of superfood powders, which are extremely dense in vital nutrients, antioxidants, anti-carcinogens, and cell-repairing vitamins and minerals and have been utilized by indigenous people for thousands of years. Some of our powders you will not find anywhere else. --- UPC: 85133700567
Jackfruit in Syrup - Contain sSugar - 20 OZ Canned
Asian Best® --- Jackfruit in Syrup The flavor falls somewhere between a pineapple and a banana, with hints of mango. Product of Thailand --- UPC:08373722214
Just Apples (Bag) 12/3 Oz
Dried Granny Smith apples... cut match-stick style and dried to perfection for a sweet-tart taste treat. These apples are enjoyed by kids of all ages! This is a very popular snack.Our hydration process gives our Just Apples a nice chewy quality. UPC: 01241310204
Just Strawberries (Organic) - Bag 12/1.2 Oz
Everyone's favorite berry with crunch! Great taste like our Just Strawberries plus they're Organic! Nothing beats the taste of sweet strawberries and strawberries are packed with great nutrition as well. UPC: 01241330000
Enjoy right from the bag as a healthy snack and tasty treat. Delicious in trail mix or granola No sulfites or preservatives Og Trans Fat Fancy Grade - Product of Sri Lanka ---UPC:04318200523
Wild Swedish Lingonberries - Contains Sugar - 14 OZ
NEW! Lars’ Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries Lars’ Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries are handpicked in the Lapland forests of Sweden. The long exposure of sunlight, together with clean mountain air and pure water, give these sweet and tart wild berries a rich, natural, and delicious flavor. Lars’ Own Wild Swedish Lingonberries boasts a high berry content - 50% - and is gently stirred with sugar. ---UPC:
Zante Currants - Gluten Free - Kosher - 10 OZ Box
Sun-Maid Natural Zante Currants are sun-dried from the Black Corinth grape, a very special grape grown in only selected vineyards of California. For many, our Zante Currants have become the preferred delicacy in their favorite baked goods like scones, cookies, breads, muffins and rolls. Tiny, dark and tart to taste, Zantes live up to the reputation of our other natural products. America’s favorite. ---UPC:04114304100

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