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10 Minute 5 Grains (Vegan) - 8.8 Oz
The Timesavers® is a range of products based on grains and legumes which satisfies the consumer’s needs for quick and easy meal solutions with healthy characteristics and a right cost per portion. The Best Five” whole grains” mix, to prepare delicious salads, risotto’s, paella or soups! UPC: 08465540017 Pedon is an expert in the processing and packing dried grain (barley, spelt, pop-corn, pre-cooked grain) deriving from conventional and organic farming. Convenient - quick & easy preparation Healthy & Natural - nutritionally balanced / no artificial ingredients / GMO free Innovative - New recipes / Ethnic food Ethical sourcing - Fair with the people / Fair with the planet UPC:
10 Minute Bulgar (Vegan) - 8.8 Oz
A great healthy base for “Taboule”! try also the bulgur as an alternative to couscous grain to accompany meat, poultry, sausages, stews… . UPC: 08465540011
Asian Noodle Cup - Terriyaki - 6/1.9 OZ
Corn Pasta Mac & Cheese (Gluten Free) - 12/7 Oz
Convenient and delicious gluten free Mac & Cheese dinner is all natural! Made with our GMO Free Corn Pasta and all natural seasoning packet. Both are packed in individual safety pouches. Creamy and delicious. Cooks up in 10 minutes. Gluten Free. UPC:89766000265
Mexican Style Hominy - 29 oOZ - can
Home Style Used to make hearty soups and stews, such as traditional Mexican menudo and pozole. Naturally High in Fiber and No Cholesterol upc:07152402023

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