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Black Truffle Olive Oil - 250 ML
Truffleist - Perfectly balanced Truffle Oil, handcrafted in NYC made with a Greek olive oil and Black Italian truffles. UPC: 87166100298
Chamomile Lavender - 15 CT
Needing a full night's sleep is no myth! Better sleep leads to more productivity (and fewer naps at the work desk!) A relaxing, calming personality much like this infusion is the magnet for good energy! Watch your troubles disappear as you surrender to the warm, relaxing embrace of chamomile flowers, peppermint, lemon myrtle for taste and lemongrass to soothe your senses! Take in the beauty of French lavender petals, blue flowers and safflowers as you float away to a land far, far away! UPC: 697811000192
Choice Organic Tea-  Tea - Organic Black 5.64 OZ
Get back to basics with this superb traditional cup from one of India’s finest organic tea gardens. With a medium body and refreshing character, you’ll find this tea enchanting at any hour. With cream and sugar, or on its own, its brisk, bright character will shine through and invigorate. Great for iced tea. Contains caffeine. UPC: 047445982218
Choice Organic Tea-  Tea - organic Green - 5.64 OZ
Brighten your day with this sophisticated tea from one of India’s finest organic tea gardens. The taste is crisp and lively with a sunny color sure to inspire. Enjoy the true essence of this refreshing and wholesome tea. Contains caffeine. UPC: 047445982201
Everyday Detox Herbal Tea- 16 CNT
Ingredients: Organic Burdock Root [DAC] 900 Mg, Organic Stinging Nettle [Pheur] 900 Mg, Organic Cleavers Herb [BHP] 450 Mg, Proprietary Blend: 750 Mg, Organic Dandelion Root, Roasted, Organic Lemon Myrtle Leaf (Backhousia Citriodora) This Is The Pharmacopoeial Quality Standard We Use Because Quality Matters.
Ginger Tea (Organic) - 20 CNT
Equal Exchange: Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free UPC: 745998500261
Gold Cup Chai Herbal Tea - 18 Count
Stash Tea - This golden brew yields a sweet and spicy cup. Aromatic chai spices combine with turmeric, an Indian spice known for its brilliant yellow color and lively flavor notes. Smoother than a traditional chai, this naturally caffeine-free chai is delicious plain or can be enjoyed with milk and sugar. UPC: 07765208236
Golden Chai Latte - 8.82 OZ
Ingredients: Non-fat Milk Powder, Turmeric Powder, Ginger Powder, Stevia Extract, Natural Dietary Fiber, Cinnamon Powder, Black Pepper Contains Milk
Green Chai Tea - 18 Count
Stash Tea - A modern twist to the traditional Chai that blends Chinese green tea with cinnamon, whole cloves, cardamom, ginger root and sarsaparilla. UPC: 07765208252
Makomas-  Tea - Organic Ginger Energize - 12/12 OZ
Ginger root is harvested here in the United StatesMakomas Ginger is made with real gingerAnticipate the aromatic, spicy ¬flavor that comes with a nice kick UPC: 860313000124
Makomas-  Tea - Organic Refresh Hisbiscus 12/12 OZ
Hibiscus ¬flower is grown and harvested in AfricaMakomas Hibiscus is naturally caffeine-freeSavor this deep red refreshing herb and inhale its fragrant aroma UPC: 860313000117
Organic Classic Breakfast Black Tea - 15 CT
There is beauty in simplicity and elegance in tradition. This hearty blend of organic breakfast tea is what you want to wake up to! You will catch yourself basking in its reddish-golden glory and day-dreaming of the velvety-smooth aftertaste long after!Steeps a smooth, reddish-gold cup with hearty flavor UPC: 697811000161
Organic Energy Chai (Organic Spiced Black Tea) -   20 CNT
Hampstead Tea - Chai comes from India where Darjeeling Black Tea is blended with exotic herbs and spices to make luxurious, aromatic drink. Let it harness your inner energy and bring the diva out in you! An uplifting and invigorating blend. Chai is delicious with a generous amount of fresh full-cream milk and the sweetener of your choice and can be served hot or chilled. This brings out its complex blend of spices and flavors. Enjoy UPC: 813427000948
Organic Jasmine Dream Green Tea - 15 CT
A harmonious, almost ritualistic experience! Surrender your senses to the captivating jasmine blossoms, greeting you invitingly, keeping your senses mesmerized! An organic green tea blend scented with these buds of magic, it’s too late to turn back!Chai Diaries Organic Jasmine Dream has won Second Place in The North American Tea Champion 2013. UPC: 697811000147
Organic Moringa Powder - 8 OZ
Ingredients: Organic Moringa Oleifera Powder. Caffeine Free
Pomegranate Raspberry  Green Teawith Matcha - 18 Count
Stash Tea - Blends thirst-quenching pomegranate with the zing of natural raspberry flavor and green tea. Blended with Matcha. Contains matcha, the special powdered green tea used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony; gives the tea a very flavorful green tea taste – matcha is the 'greenest, most flavorful of green teas. UPC: 07765208366
Shan Valley-  Tea -  Black First Flush56 GR
Shan Valley teas are grown and in the rolling and remote hills of Myanmar (Burma), where they are hand-picked by local farmers and selected for quality. First flush teas are harvested in March or April. They are the first harvest of the year and are considered our most premium pick of the season. UPC: 019962108716
Shan Valley-  Tea - Green First Flush - 50 GR
Shan Valley teas are grown and in the rolling and remote hills of Myanmar (Burma), where they are hand-picked by local farmers and selected for quality. First flush teas are harvested in March or April. They are the first harvest of the year and are considered our most premium pick of the season. UPC: 019962108419
Sunny Orange Ginger Herbal Tea - 18 Count
Stash Tea - Each sip of this tangy, aromatic herbal tea is a delight for the senses. Zesty orange combines with fruity hibiscus and the sharp, lively flavor of ginger, creating a tea that is perfect for all-day sipping. Delicious with a touch of sugar and refreshing iced. UPC: 07765208217
Tea - Black Breakfast Blend (Organic, Fair Trade) - 16 CNT
Choice Organic Tea- Introducing a distinctive collection of perfectly balanced teas inspired by Seattle’s rich landscape and vibrant culinary scene. A delicious twist on tradition blends timeless teas with a dash of whimsy, yielding an unexpected and sophisticated cup.All Teas Are Certified Organic, Gluten-Free, And Kosher.* Fair Trade Certified™ | ? Non-GMO Project Verified | ? Caffeine-Free16 Teas Bags per BoxPackaged in the USA, in our organic facility in Seattle, Washington. UPC: 047445984007
Tea - Black Kenya Ginger Tea - 20 CT
Ajiri Tea Company - Dried Ginger blended with Black Tea. Subtle with a light spice. - UPC: 854936002221
Tea - Black Kenya Lemon Tea - 20 CT
Ajiri Tea Company - Black Tea blended with Lemon Myrtle. Bold and aromatic. - UPC: 854936002207
Tea - Black Kenya Mango Tea   -  20 CT
Ajiri Tea Company - Blended with Black Tea. Fruity, and light. Perfect for iced tea. - UPC: 854936002214
Tea - Black Kenya Tea -20 CT
Ajiri Tea Company - Bold, Smooth, and Strong. - UPC: 854936002191
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