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The FAT FREE no cholesterol replacement for sausage. Meatballs loaves patties crumbles casseroles? The uses are endless. UPC: 04345440010
Now it?s easy to add a healthy and delicious sizzle to breakfast burgers and BLTs with new Smart Bacon. The taste is as real as it gets with a flavor that is sure to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites! This product is LOW FAT and CHOLESTEROL FREE. UPC: 04345410104
Smart Dog - 12 Oz
UPC: 04345410080
UPC: 04345410012
The original tempeh "bacon" Fakin? Bacon puts the "B" back into BLT?s. It is also great crumbled on a salad or baked potato. UPC: 04345402050
Tempeh is a wonderful soy food rich in protein and B vitamins low in calories and fat and is completely free of any cholesterol. Mild in flavor andeasy to digest tempeh is a great meat substitutein any meal. We use organically grown soybeans inall of our tempeh. All of our tempeh products areKosher and Pareve. Organic Garden Vege Tempeh gives you a fresh garden taste. UPC: 04345409010
This SoyBoy Organic Tofu has been baked seasonedand smoked. Ready to eat right out of the package. It's great in sandwiches hors d'oeurvres and split pea soup. It also makes a great substitute for smoked cheese. UPC: 05001210430

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