Bomba Tomato Paste (Contains Sugar) - 7 Oz Tube

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The world’s sauciest tomato paste! X Tomato Paste + X Vino + X Soffrito = XXX BOMBA! With the promise of instantly introducing slow cooked Tuscan flavors to your recipes, Bomba! XXX combines triple concentrate tomato paste, full bodied red wine, a traditional soffrito base of carrot, celery and onion and of course, Italian passion into a 7.06 oz. tube. Why use ordinary tomato paste when you can use Bomba! XXX to make your tomato based sauces richer, deeper and more flavorful.PRODUCT OF ITALY ---UPC:88733400006 More details...
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Bomba Tomato Paste (Contains Sugar) - 7 Oz Tube
Bomba Tomato Paste (Contains Sugar) - 7 Oz Tube
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Ingredients: Triple Concentrate Tomato Paste, Red Wine, Mixed Vegetables (Carrot, Celery, Onion), Sunflower Oil, Cooked Grape Must, Herbs, Spices, Salt, Raw Cane Sugar

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