Grilled Whole Wheat Pizza Crust - 13 Inch - Contains Sugar - (2 pack) - 12/14 OZ

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Roger Dwyer, a Rhode Island native and now retired wine and service professor at Johnson and Wales University Culinary Arts program is passionate about his product. While visiting a chef at a local restaurant back in 2004, Dwyer noticed the chef using pre-grilled pizza crusts right out of the freezer to make his pizza orders. Dwyer recalls the situation, “He made a bunch of them in advance and froze them. When I saw him take one out and top it and offer me a slice, I said, ‘this pizza is amazing, you could make some money selling these pre-grilled crusts to other restaurants.” Soon after, Dwyer and his chef friend went into business producing and selling Top This! Pizza Crusts to food wholesalers. In 2008, Dwyer bought the business from his partner and expanded to retail sales, his first customer being the popular grocery store, Whole Foods Market. Fast forward five years and Top This is available all throughout New England to the food service industry and is sold retail in over 200 stores! ---UPC:70510516325 More details...
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Grilled Whole Wheat Pizza Crust - 13 Inch - Contains Sugar - (2 pack) - 12/14 OZ
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Ingredients: Wheat Flour (Unbleached and Unbromated), Filtered Water, Fresh Yeast, Sugar, Sea Salt, Canola Oil Contains: Wheat

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