Desert Island Coconut Cookies - Gluten Free - (Sugar Added) - 8.9 OZ

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About Choomi The original Choomi cookie – a soft and chewy coconut macaroon - was invented at Po’ Boys & Pickles restaurant in Portland, Maine. A combination of recipes and techniques gathered through years in the kitchen, the Choomi coconut cookie was a sensation from day one. Toasty on the outside, soft in the middle, incredibly rich but not too sweet. Po’ Boys employees could barely keep them in stock. Customers would arrive first thing in the morning and buy the entire day’s worth of macaroons before lunch. In late 2011 Po’ Boys owner Pete Zinn decided to try and sell his popular cookie beyond the Portland sandwich shop. After two years of product development and recipe modifications, the Choomi cookie was ready to launch. Try for yourself what we think is the best cookie we’ve ever tasted – the original Choomi desert island coconut cookie – and join us as we expand our product line to new flavors of Choomi cookies. ---Wonderfully chewy cookies! Toasty on the outside! Tasty on the Inside! Life is hard enough, your cookie doesn’t have to be! Gluten Free Made in Portland, Maine ---UPC:79450450693 More details...
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Desert Island Coconut Cookies - Gluten Free - (Sugar Added) - 8.9 OZ
Desert Island Coconut Cookies - Gluten Free - (Sugar Added) - 8.9 OZ
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Ingredients: Coconut, Sugar, Water, Butter (Cream, Natural Flavoring), Honey, Glycerine, Rice Flour, Dried Egg Whites, Salt, Natural Flavor Contains Coconut, Egg, Milk.

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