Kale & Currant Ravioli - 12 OZ

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The Notion of Nella… An oh-so-simple idea: to make pasta using the finest ingredients possible for superior quality, nutrition, and most importantly, taste. Our name in Italian means “in the” because what goes inside the pasta is the trademark of our products. So what exactly is in our pasta? A unique, handcrafted mixture of produce, artisanal cheese, our signature wheat blend, and a profound respect for the freshness you find in Italy. We choose vegetables picked locally and in season whenever possible; roast, sauté or steam them for the best flavor, and complement them with creative and unexpected ingredients like specialty cheeses, fresh herbs, nuts and dried fruits. Then there’s our secret ingredient, a sustainable food movement, which is blended into each pillowy bite. Put it all together and you have a truly exceptional ravioli that’s good for you too. A notion worth chewing over-- indeed! ---When we first debuted our kale ravioli, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback. Our favorite being, “You got my kids to eat kale, how on earth did you do that?!” We’re happy to share our secret: We cut the bitterness often associated with cruciferous vegetables with dried zante currants to give it a bit of sweetness. Voila! This vitamin and antioxidant-rich, leafy green tastes truly delectable. ---UPC:85329700301 More details...
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Kale & Currant Ravioli - 12 OZ
Kale & Currant Ravioli - 12 OZ
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Product Details
Ingredients: Filling: Ricotta Cheese (Milk, Whey, Starter, Salt), Kale, Mozzarella Cheese (Low Moisture Mozzarella Cheese (Cultured Pasteurized Milk, Salt, Enzymes), Anti-Caking Agent), Onions, Zante Currants, Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized Part Skim Milk, Salt, Less Than 2% Enzymes, Cheese Cultures, Corn Starch And Powdered Cellulose [Anti-Caking], Potassium Sorbate [To Protect Flavor]), Apple Cider Vinegar (Reduced With Water To 5% Acidity), Butter (Cream, Natural Flavorings), Salt, Spice, Pepper. Dough: Enriched Durum Flour (Durum Flour, Niacin, Ferrous Sulfate, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Enriched Flour (Unbleached Hard Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour (A Natural Yeast Food), Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamin Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Wheat Flour, Eggs (Whole Eggs, Citric Acid [To Preserve Color]), Salt. Contains Egg, Milk, Wheat. Prepared In A Facility That Also Processes Peanut And Tree Nut Ingredients.

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