Everything Spelt Bagels - 14 OZ - 5 Pack

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In 2008, Beth George and Tim Kane launched Spelt Right in a small mill in Maine, redefining spelt from an “alternative” to a “first choice” grain by creating all natural flavorful, light, and healthful spelt bagels, breads, and pizza dough. Spelt is an ancient grain known for its nutritional benefits, ease of digestibility, and depth of flavor. Beth created these delicious products because their son’s sensitivity to common wheat, but his ability to enjoy spelt to his heart’s (or rather stomach’s) content. In 2012, Beth joined with partners seasoned in the food industry and moved the facility to Brooklyn, NY to help Spelt Right expand its reach. Spelt Right products are Kosher certified, all natural, Non-GMO, Low Fat and Provide a Good Source of Fiber. Most of all, they are DELICIOUS! All Natural Good Fiber Source 100% Spelt Grain No Trans Fats No Cholesterol Certified Vegan Non-GMO Kosher ---UPC:75778353102 More details...
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Everything Spelt Bagels - 14 OZ - 5 Pack
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Ingredients: Organic Spelt (Wheat) Flour, Organic Whole Spelt (Wheat) Flour, Filtered Water, Olive Oil, Dried Onions, Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seeds, Garlic, Natural Sea Salt, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Yeast, Natural Enzymes

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