Microwave Popcorn - (12 bags) - 32 OZ

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Brand: Popzup
Popzup - The safe, totally new way to microwave air pop popcorn that’s naturally healthy and delicious.Each Popzup Popper equals 12 microwave popcorn bags — without all the bad stuff like chemicals, plastics, silicone, or trans-fat.About Popzup Popcorn:• Gluten Free and Certified Non-GMO.• Whole Grain with Antioxidants, High Fiber, Vitamin B, and Protein.• Weight Watchers Power Foods List, meets the standards.• USDA Smart Snack in Schools, meets the standards.• Popcorn kernels come from a sustainable 4th generation family owned popcorn company in Pennsylvania. UPC: 863750000207 More details...
Microwave Popcorn - (12 bags) - 32 OZ
Microwave Popcorn - (12 bags) - 32 OZ
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Ingredients - Popcorn

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