Couscous and Pasta Sauce -Teboursouk (Organic) - 680 GR

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Ingredients: Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Spices, Harissa, Artichokes, Natural Black Olives More details...
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Couscous and Pasta Sauce -Teboursouk (Organic) -   680 GR
Couscous and Pasta Sauce -Teboursouk (Organic) - 680 GR
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Product Details
Les Moulin - Tunisia is closer to Italy than one might think, and tomato based sauces are a traditional Tunisian accompaniment to couscous. This version uses the ingredients of the Tebourba region, which include tomatoes, artichokes, harissa, and black olives. The resulting sauce is just as fitting over pasta as it is over couscous. As with all of the Mahjoub products, this is produced using traditional farming methods with no additives or artificial processes. This product is organic. UPC: 740913001984

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