Organic Flame-Roasted Freekeh - 250 G

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Canaan Palestine - Freekeh is the traditional flame-roasted green wheat of Palestine. It cooks up firm and chewy and is filling with a distinct earthy taste and subtle smokiness. Freekeh has three times the fiber of brown rice plus more vitamins and minerals. Green wheat is harvested in spring, sun-dried and flame roasted, then rubbed and cracked. Freekeh is an ancient Palestinian grain that has become a hot new superfood. This wholesome specialty passed down from generation to generation is flame-roasted green wheat that is sun dried, then crushed. Since the wheat is harvested green, it is naturally lower in starch and higher in fiber and protein. Canaan’s organic Freekeh is a hearty grain with a smoky taste and satisfying texture. Serve it alone, as a salad with fresh vegetables and dried fruit, as a hearty soup, or together with roasted vegetables, meat or seafood. Freekeh is the most tasty and versatile superfood to hit the market. - UPC:189588000661 More details...
Organic Flame-Roasted  Freekeh  - 250 G
Organic Flame-Roasted Freekeh - 250 G
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Ingredients: Organic Green Wheat

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