Cat Litter - 14 Lbs

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Naturally eliminates odors.Thanks to our patented process this litter's natural wheat enzymes work continuously to neutralize litter box odor nomatter how many cats you own. Clumps firmly for easy scooping.Through this same process natural wheat starches are exposed to form firm solidclumps when they come in contact with moisture. So you can scoop them out with ease. . Low dust less tracking.Wheat also makes for a neater litter that doesn't get tracked around the house or raise clay dust clouds when poured. Good for multi-cat homes.Whether you own one cat or a dozen Swheat Scoop litter has the deodorizing strength it takes to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Safe for kittens.Unlike clay-based scoopable litters this litter is veterinarian-recommended for kittens and newly declawedcats. UPC: 78774822879 More details...
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Cat Litter - 14 Lbs
Cat Litter - 14 Lbs
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Ingredients: naturally processed wheat ~

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