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Francesca di Monte Pestos liven dips, dressings, soups, and grilled poultry & fish with the distinctive flavors of Francesca di Monte® Italian pestos. Produced in the heart of Tuscany, each variety lends a rich taste to your favorite dishes. Available in traditional green and red, as well as unique sweet onion, and sweet pepper with ricotta cheese.UPC:87631400238
Pesto with Basil (Organic) - 6.35 OZ
Bioitalia - Not an ordinary pesto, but something special, like homemade pesto. A taste explosion that keeps the flavor of a simple dish of the Mediterranean cuisine. At the Bioitalia plant, the ingredients are processed when still fresh, and thanks to the most advanced technologies, we can guarantee the highest quality and safety of the product. Pesto with basil is made with the finest basil leaves cultivated in the open field, selected by hand and processed the same day. There is no use of flavor enhancers, additives, artificial aromas, and no colorings at all: just open a jar to rediscover the simplicity and the smell of the fresh basil. UPC: 66147516104

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