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Blueberry Premium Pie Filling  - 6/18 OZ
Honestly, it's very good on everything. Try it over ice cream, yogurt, breakfast breads, pancakes or more for an unforgettable, delectable, blueberry treat. Or pour into a pie crust for a mouth-watering blueberry pie. We use the freshest, most colorful, Northern Michigan blueberries to make sure we deliver that down home, pure Michigan flavor. UPC: 018303005950
Michigan Apple Premium Pie Filling    - 6/18 OZ
Open up and say YUM with the taste of freshly picked, juicy, delicious Northern Michigan apples. Pour this unmistakable, mouth-watering flavor on ice cream, yogurt, breakfast breads and more. Or simply pour into a pie crust and bake for an out-of-this-world, Northern Michigan, apple pie. UPC: 018303005912
Michigan Cherry Premium Pie Filling  - 6/18 OZ
Michigan cherries make everything taste better because they're scrumptious on just about everything! Try them on cheesecakes, ice cream, yogurts, pancakes and breakfast breads for an out of this world, pure, sweet, Michigan flavor. Or simply add to a pie crust and bake for a mouthwatering, cherry pie. UPC: 018303005899

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