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Berry & Herb Shrub - 8 OZ
Bauman's Best Botanicals - Our take on the first shrub we ever encountered made by our friend and former colleague Lou. Mixes together local strawberries and blackberries with secret spices and French baking herbs. The blend is sweet, savory, and approachable with a bit of vinegar on the nose. Fantastic over kale and goat cheese, better on its own over ice. Can be used to great effect with sweet vermouth and soda water as well as vodka or aged rums. Was an ingredient in the "Pickle me Pink" cocktail which won the 2017 Boston Fermentation Festival Cocktail Contest. UPC: 670875987319
Spicy Pineapple Shrub - 8 OZ
Bauman's Best Botanicals - A wonderful collaboration of local supporting local. We worked with Alex's Ugly Sauce, using their Dragon Sauce, to create a truly unique and spectacular shrub. Equally at home in some sparkling water as a spicy and savory soda, mind blowing dressing for a summer salad, or the perfect ingredient for you after work tiki cocktail. UPC: 670875987401

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