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Brownie Blondie Bar 4 Pack - 10 Oz
The ultimate un-brownie with plenty of chocolate chips walnuts brown-sugar-buttery-goodness and the straight up yummy-ness they are famous for. Maybe blondies have more fun - or maybe they are just different and as wonderful as these amazing brownies. We don't play favorites. UPC: 67497153905
Brownie Whole Grain Chocolate Chunk (Contains Sugar) - 8 Oz
NEW 100% Whole Grain, All Natural Brownies, Squares & Cookies We proudly present a decadently delicious, 100% Whole Grain Collection starring six all-natural brownies, squares and cookies. From rich Peanut Butter & Jelly Squares, to nut –laden Totally Nuts Cookies and Chocolate Chunk Brownies, our whole grain line goes way beyond decadent! Whole Grain All-Natural Chocolate Chunk Brownies Our best-selling chocolate brownie, now available in whole grain! UPC: 67497153605
Cookies - Whole Grain All-Natural Cranberry Orange  -8 pack (Contains Sugar) - 9 Oz
Dried cranberries and pure orange oil make a refreshingly sweet treat. UPC: 67497153605
Delicious fudgy brownie topped with pecans and drizzled with caramel just before baking, forming a crunchy, sweet, nutty crust. UPC: 67497154429

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